Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Will Follow You into the Dark

It's the kind of song that makes you revel in loneliness and uncertainty. That if the chance to know the truth did come, you wouldn't take it because you enjoy the not knowing so much. The kind of person who would rather not know. There's something romantic about not knowing, but loving anyway. The new faith for nostalgics and romantics. No more dreams of "Mr. Diary" or that "someday" prince. The new dream is of death and living in spite of it. Hoping in spite of pain, and holding on in the face of a laughing loneliness and in spite of the one sure thing--death. In that romanticism perhaps even death becomes uncertain. "I'll follow you into the dark." The song sings of a kind of loneliness that we love to feel--like drizzling days, sitting inside with music and pajamas at noon and blankets and warm muffins . . . but hopefully to have someone to share it with.

--written April 2006 after listening on repeat


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